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Emergency Vet Mesa

Pet emergencies can happen any time of the day. But, of course, you do not want it to happen as much as possible because it can cause panic to you and everyone around you. And in some cases, this can lead to a more complex situation. If you have any dire situation regarding your pet, Emergency Vet Mesa is here to help you with all your urgent pet medical needs.

We are available any time of the day, which is why we are also known as the 24 Hour Vet Mesa AZ. Whenever you need urgent care for your pet, our vets are always prepared and ready to serve you. Our team is highly knowledgeable with the most effective treatment for any emergency. This means that you do not need to worry much about your pet because you have the best people to help your pet recover faster.

The Common Signs To Consider A Pet Emergency

There are many situations where we think it is not an emergency. We end up rushing to the hospital, which is why our professional veterinarians have collected the common signs. And once you see any of these, rush your pet over to Emergency Vet Mesa.

Breathing. If you notice that your pet is showing signs of difficulty when breathing, this means that you have to take your pet to our professionals right away. Refrain from doing the CPR yourself to your pet, as it could make the situation worse. You could break some of your pet’s bones, or worse, lead your pet to death. In this kind of situation, do not wait any longer; rush over to our professionals because when your lovely pet stops breathing for three minutes, then you will have to face a terrible consequence for your pet - death.

Vomiting/Diarrhea. You do not need to worry about your pet when he/she poops or vomits once, as it is not life-threatening. However, when you notice that your pet does it more than once and the texture is somewhat liquid, do not check for traces of blood. Checking it could waste much of your time as this could lead to dehydration. Our professional team will conduct a complete laboratory test while your pet is recovering. We need to determine how your pet got it and also what triggered it.

Severe Pain. Our pets are good at hiding pain away. You will not know whether they are experiencing pain. However, when they start vocalizing their pain, that means they can no longer hold it down, and it needs urgent attention. It could be something painful in their internal system. Do not wait for them to be okay because this means that the situation is already at its peak, and urgent medical attention is required. If you wait for them to be okay, you are basically waiting for their death.

You need to be aware of other signs, and these three are the most common ones for pets. Our vets will be more than happy to inform you of the other symptoms you need to be aware of if your pet needs emergency vet care. And when you see any of these signs, do not wait a single second.


We understand that you need people to care for your pet in case of an emergency; that is just natural for every pet owner. That is why when you need experts to handle your pet in dire situations, Emergency Vet Mesa is here to ensure that your pet is safe, and we will make sure that your pet will recover immediately. Visit us anytime in case of a pet emergency!