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Wellness is more than being physically fit. It is to be well in terms of behavior, physical and mental health. That is what our Animal Wellness Center Mesa aims to attain for your pet. Unfortunately, our pets cannot communicate with us in terms of human language, which is why there are times when you would not know if your pet is suffering from pain or not. Cats are likely to hide their pain since it is their defense mechanism against would-be predators. Unless you have a keen eye for details, you would not be able to tell right away that your pet is already hurting. If left unchecked, your pet’s condition might grow severe.

A lot can happen in a year; that is why vets recommend an annual wellness exam for your pet. The yearly wellness exam examines your pet from head to toe, inside-out. Our pet wellness Mesa makes sure to check if your pet is as happy and healthy as you think they are. We take proper care and patience when dealing with your pet. During the examination, your pet will be scrutinized under a vet’s trained eye. If your pet is showing signs of possible complications, you would be informed right away. It is better to have it treated as soon as possible before it grows worse. This can also save you time and effort in treating severe illnesses in the future.

Preventive treatments can lessen the chances of your pet being vulnerable to deadly diseases or severe complications in the future. Some preventive care can contribute to your pet’s longevity. Vaccinations, which are part of preventive care, are vital for your pet. Deadly diseases such as rabies can be transferred from animals to humans. The worse part is there is no cure for rabies, at least not yet. Fortunately, there is a mandatory core vaccine for rabies. That is why there are not many rabies cases in the US today, with only two to three people affected by rabies in a year.

Core vaccines are highly recommended and required regardless of your pet’s age, breed or location. Vaccines for canine parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and rabies are considered core vaccines for dogs. Vaccines for feline viral rhinotracheitis, feline herpesvirus, calicivirus, panleukopenia, and rabies are considered core vaccines for cats. You can have your cat vaccinated at our cat clinic Mesa. The best time to have your pet vaccinated would be when they are less than a year old. Puppies less than 16 weeks of age are vulnerable to parvovirus and other diseases.

Part of caring for your pet is to maintain oral hygiene. A dental examination can help determine if your cat or dog’s teeth is nice and clean. When they reach three years of age, about 85% of cats and dogs develop dental disease. Dogs are likely to develop periodontal disease, which is the inflammation of the tissues around the teeth. Your pet will suffer from pain and may have difficulty eating. Periodontal disease develops from tartar. Neglecting to brush your dog’s teeth regularly can lead to an accumulation of plaque which later turns into tartar. Animal Wellness Center Mesa offers proper dental examination and teeth cleaning for your pet to have healthy pearly whites.

The expenses for vaccinations, preventive treatments, dental examinations, and other pet wellness services can accumulate over time. Fortunately, there are wellness care packages that can help you save your money while keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Animal Wellness Care Mesa focuses not only on maintaining your pet’s health but also on making sure that your pet is comfortable and happy. Contact us today! We would love to meet your furbaby.